2017 WCP Cup Champions

U12 Girls Japan

U12 Boys Romania

U13 Girls Japan

U13 Boys Germany

U15 Girls Japan

U15 Boys Argentina

U17 Girls Brazil 

U17 Boys Nigeria

Masters  Chile

U21 Boys Pakistan 

Special Olympics  Regina Raiders

Women Netherlands

Mens Canada

Mens Seating for 2018 WCP Cup

Pool A - Canada, Pool B - Poland, Pool C - Jamaica, Pool D - Austria


Thank You

The WCP Cup organizing committee would like to thank all the athlete, coaches, water boys and girls, managers, volunteers and all the fans for making the 2017 WCP Cup another successful event. The committee hopes to see you at the next WCP Cup.

2017 WCP Cup Teams

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The Roots that Drive WCP Cup

WCP Cup on RSA website

Game schedule, scores and standings can also be obtain on the RSA website.

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WCP Cup 2017 Checklist

WCP Cup News

March 24 Team photo for WCP Program

March 28 Uniform Declaration

March 30 at 6:30pm WCP Cup Opening Ceremonies

WCP Cup Change

Divisions Change for WCP Cup 2017

For WCP Cup 2017 the Division will be as follows:

U12 Boys & Girls
U13 Boys & Girls
U15 Boys & Girls
U17 Boys & Girls
U21 Boys
Masters Men

Ticket Prices

Ticket Prices

$8.00 per day
12 & under Free
Finals on April 15 is $10.00
Tournament Pass (16 days)
$96.00 (available at Glow Juicery)

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WCP Cup Sponsors
Glen's Lens
Serendipity Catering