WCP Cup 2017 Schedule

2017 WCP Cup Teams

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The Roots that Drive WCP Cup

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WCP Cup News

March 24 Team photo for WCP Program

March 28 Uniform Declaration

March 30 at 6:30pm WCP Cup Opening Ceremonies

WCP Cup Change

Divisions Change for WCP Cup 2017

For WCP Cup 2017 the Division will be as follows:

U12 Boys & Girls
U13 Boys & Girls
U15 Boys & Girls
U17 Boys & Girls
U21 Boys
Masters Men

Ticket Prices

Ticket Prices

$8.00 per day
12 & under Free
Finals on April 15 is $10.00
Tournament Pass (16 days)
$96.00 (available at Glow Juicery)


WCP Cup Sponsors
Glen's Lens
Serendipity Catering